I first came for chiropractic care because my neck was so stiff I couldn't turn around enough to see when I was backing up the car.  After an intensive series of visits, there was significant improvement in my neck and overall back movements.  

I have benefitted from over 8 years of maintenance care which has allowed me to address other issues as well as pain from injuries and the ever increasing new challenges that crop up as we age!

Our whole family benefits from Dr Barbara's care, my son plays college baseball, my daughter is a nanny and water polo player, my husband drives a zillion miles a week and is a triathlete, chiropractic care is essential for all of us.  Dr. Barbara often incorporates BEST in our sessions for optimum results.  Also, my husband and I are "addicted" to TYB as it makes you feel incredible!!! 

I am an exercise instructor in my 60s and staying healthy and fit is essential to my career as well as my life in general.  I have come to greatly value the care I receive as well as the relationship I've developed with Dr Barbara, she is full of knowledge, incredibly caring and an expert practitioner.   

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Dr. Barbara Heyd has been my chiropractor for almost a decade.  

As a singer and dancer, I have put great value on excellent health, good posture and freedom of motion.  Dr. Heyd has guided me first through Chriropractic, then Thai Yoga Bodywork and B.E.S.T. to maintain a youthful body and spirit.  She has taught me to trust the natural ability of my body to heal itself.

I am a woman in my late 60s and am happy to say that my metabolism is strong and my weight is where I want it to be.  My voice is clear and resonant.  I love to do yoga and zumba as well as hike, bike and ski.

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Dear Dr. Barbara,

I'd like to let you know that visits to you always refresh me.  My body gives me proof your work  is just what I need.  My soul sings a song of praise for your caring and compassionate ways.  We enjoy conversation.  We shape ideas.  Who knew I could enjoy going to my chiropractor so much!


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B. E. S. T.



Thai Yoga Bodywork


Wellness Center

I've been seeing Dr Heyd for over 10 years! I'm a hairstylist and do a ton of repetitive motion. She has helped me tremendously with pain in my neck and shoulders.

When I first met her I was having a chronic, sharp shooting pain down my right arm. She kindly approached me and told me that I had uneven hips and a crooked spine and that I must've been in pain somewhere. Two weeks of treatment was all it took to make the pain stop  and I've never felt it again! I recommend her to all of my friends. If you're in any pain whatsoever, go see her, you won't be disappointed!
Traci D'Antonio