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Dr. Barb As an experienced Chiropractor, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and B.E.S.T Practitioner, Barbara spent years feeding her passion for the body and anatomy. In 2017, she further enhanced her knowledge of how the body works when she completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Andrew Tanner and Elements3 Yoga. She began teaching that same year. 
      Over two decades ago, Barbara first found her way onto a yoga mat to address feelings of disconnection and heartache. One of the biggest lessons yoga taught her is that nothing done with force is ever sustainable. She now spends her time on and off the mat seeking the balance between effort and ease. She shows her students how to lengthen and strengthen the spine while opening the heart. Barbara makes it a point to always meet her students where they are in the moment and carry them forward.
      Barbara looks forward to sharing the gifts and lessons learned from yoga to further enhance healing and reconnection of the body, heart, and soul.

(Contact Barbara to sign up for classes by texting her at 508-308-8916)

Kimberly McClure-​Power and Possibility in body, mind, relationships, and life. 
      Kimberly works with clients privately, and teaches in studios, schools, and assisted living settings throughout MetroWest. She is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), with an extensive background the fields of education, theatre, and the Arts. Her style is warm, welcoming, and engaging. She places high value on creating an inclusive and empowering space for work and practice to unfold. 
      Her life and work center around supporting and encouraging others. In teaching and coaching, Kimberly uses the tools of yoga and mindfulness to guide people toward an overall sense of wellbeing and engagement. 
      In her classes, Kimberly will encourage you to move deliberately, with integrity, and to stay engaged in the experience of the movement. This approach challenges students to grow, develop resiliency, while always being kind to yourself on and off the mat.
       She is incredibly grateful to the many teachers and experiences that helped her grow, heal, seek, listen, learn, rise, and love.

(Contact Kimberly to sign up for classes by texting her at 508-654-9210)

Georgia Zafferes-​ Georgia began teaching yoga in 2012. She obtained her certification at Scared Seeds Yoga School through Jacqui Bonwell. She is a 500hour certified yoga instructor. Along with Jacqui, her main teachers are Rolf Gates and David Vendetti. In addition to her 500hr yoga certification, she is also certified in Prenatal yoga, Reiki and Thai massage. Georgia credits her mentors and teachers daily for sharing with her the path of yoga but she remains forever grateful to her very own life experiences; the heartbreak, sorrow, joy and perseverance that got her to where she is today. She is still not sure where she would be today if it wasn't for her practice and the yoga community.
      Georgia loves offering a variety of options in each pose, so that everyone can feel they are able to move in the way their body needs most in that moment. She enjoys using music in her class as a way to deepen the practice and awaken emotions through auditory sensations. Georgia aims to connect her students breathing with the movements of their bodies, allowing their minds and bodies to relax and reconnect.
      Don't be surprised that in Georgia's class you are able to completely let go of whatever you are holding onto emotionally and physically.

(Contact Georgia to sign up for classes by emailing her at

Anna Cardoso- Anna began practicing yoga as a means of managing her chronic migraines;  She immediately fell in love. Wanting to deepen her own practice she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training thru The New School of Yogic Arts in January 2016. She began teaching shortly after and found a passion for sharing yoga with others. Her classes help build foundation and strength, all while having fun. 

(Contact Anna to sign up for classes by emailing her at

 Zoa MishZoa fell in love with yoga in 2014 after she attended her first yoga class during an open house at E3. She didn’t realize until then, that she had been living in a chronic fight or flight response state her whole adult life. She started using her asana practice as a tool to connect with her sacred, true self and to listen and follow her intuition. This would ultimately help her discover and follow her true life path.
For over 13 years Zoa worked in non-profit sector as a Development and Database Specialist. After completing her 200 YTT from the New School of Yogic Arts, she became a Development Consultant and followed her true Dharma of caring for her 3 children; Sofia, Noah and Alana alongside her husband Gavin. 
    In 2017 she deepened her meditation practice and completed her ThethaHealing Advanced DNA Certification; a meditation modality that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All that is to do the actual work.  She has also completed a children’s yoga teacher training with inspiring teacher, Dawn Keighley, through Kidasana Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  Zoa co-produced "Como Ser Humano", "Being Human"in 2017; radio show that explored topics of practical spirituality for the Spanish speaking audience.
    She enjoys the outdoors, and her favorite time of the day is bed time, when she meditates with her children. She finds this moments intimate, creative, and many times silly and fun; “we have traveled to far away places on earth, remote places in our infinite universe and have explored the deepest, smallest particles within our bodies”.

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 Michele McLaughlinMichele has practiced yoga on and off for over 15 years. She has been a stay at home mom for the past nine years.  In 2017 she was finally able to find the right moment in her life to complete her first 200 hour yoga teacher training. Certified through One Voice Yoga Teacher Training in May 2017, her love of yoga reaches beyond just the benefits it brings physically. With an emphasis on mindfulness and connecting to your inner self, Michele brings a peaceful and grounded experience to her class. 

(Contact Michele to Sign up for classes by texting her at 617-512-1257 or emailing her at