Chiropractic appointments available:

​Monday and Wednesday 3-7pm

Tuesday and thursday   Noon -2pm and 4-7pm

Fridays   10am to noon

​Barbara Heyd, doctor of chiropractic for over 20 years, seeks to provide innovative and meaningful treatments that enhance the care she gives her patients.  

A devotee of yoga, expert in nutrition,

BEST practitioner, and TYB master, Dr Heyd is dedicated to health and wellbeing and gives of herself to every client.  She is passionate about helping others reach their optimum level of health in all areas of their lives; physically, mentally and spiritually.   

Stretching and flexibility are key to energy flow throughout your body.  Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB) is an ancient healing art that combines a full body stretch with a meditative approach and all the benefits of yoga.  It releases tension in muscles and joints, blockages in energy flow and allows the body to relax and regenerate.  TYB is performed on a floor mat where the practitioner leads your body through yoga inspired positions, gently inviting and challenging it into the full body stretch.

​​Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) works in the deepest level of our body's energy system.  It is here that our subconscious and physical being work together to heal.  Have you ever known something was not right but wasn't sure what?  This is when BEST is so effective;  you don't have to "know" you just have to "be" and allow that healing doesn't always take conscious effort.  Working deep within the energy system of your body to help heal the biological issues is a true synchronization of body and soul.

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​Thai Yoga Bodywork

A Few of My Favorite Things....  (in no particular order)

​Being a soccer Gram                                     Whole Foods                                        sunrise meditation          

Spending time with my children and grandchildren                               Yoga on the Beach                             

A 7 year olds  response on his intake form when asked what his hobbies are:  HUGS!

My cat, Scout                   salted carmel cashew crunch ice-cream 

...and when someone invents a way for me to never loose my glasses again, that will definitely be one of my favorite things!

​Change your health

Change your life 

What is it we are not doing because our health is not where we want it to be? 
Our goal is to help our patients regain their wholeness, wellness, sense of vitality
​and know they have unlimited possibilities.


B. E. S. T.

​Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

About Us

Dr. Barbara Heyd Chiropractor  

TYB Master  

B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that corrects misalignments in your spine.  Keeping your spine in alignment allows your nervous system to work freely and your body to be the self-healing organism its meant to be.

Thai Yoga Bodywork appointments available:

Monday and Wednesday    10am,  Noon  and  7pm

Tuesday and Thursday    9am,  2pm  and  7pm

​Fridays     8am, 2pm and 4pm


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